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About The Naked Cowgirl Cindy Fox

When Cindy Fox became a personal trainer at age 17, she knew she would be spending a lot of time in a gym and meeting many interesting people. What she didn't know was that destiny would intervene while she was working out on the elliptical next to Robert Burck. When her client introduced her to him as the "Naked Cowboy," she had no idea he was famous for playing the guitar in his underwear in the middle of Times Square.

Cindy, a mother of three, had been known in fitness circles for whipping people into shape through her fitness classes and exercise videos, and for motivating them with her fitness articles and blogs.

The two began dating in 2004 and did a lot of traveling together with Fox dressing the part as his Cowgirl. She co-produced a film with Ron Israel (also the videographer) called "Every Moment Counts," a documentary about the Naked Cowboy's life in and out of Times Square.

On a trip to Japan, Cindy asked Robert to teach her a few chords on his guitar and one thing led to another. These days her claim to fame is tied to being the Naked Cowgirl, the fairer half of Times Square's Naked Cowboy. There have been other Naked Cowgirls, but Cindy Fox is the only one in Times Square who is officially licensed and abiding by the terms of her franchise agreement with Naked Cowboy Enterprises.

Naked Cowgirl Cindy Fox plays guitar in Times Square and travels to make appearances, both with and without the Naked Cowboy. She wears her white Cindy Fox Signature Bikini with the words "Naked Cowgirl" on the butt to look similar to Burck's underwear.

Things have really taken off. She's in the process of doing a dance video for her song "Ride it Like a Cowgirl," a Lori Michaels and Hothead production, available on iTunes. In addition to playing in Times Square, Cindy has made TV appearances worldwide as Naked Cowgirl as well as being on Cristina's Court TV Show in 2007 as Cindy Fox. She as appeared as the Naked Cowgirl in Atlantic City in April 2012 at Resorts Casino to promote Dance Fever Night Club, Pro Bar and the rodeo.

Her first interview in Times Square as the Naked Cowgirl was CNN's iReport, which started a stream of interviews. TMZ interviewed her and the cowboy along with Daniel Staub of the "Housewives of New Jersey" at Eric Alt Salon's Halloween Charity event. She also was interviewed by Chaunce Hayden on his Steppin' Out Live podcast, as well as on Sirius Radio's "Derek and Romain," where she was interviewed with Lori Michaels. It was also the first time her song, "Ride it Like a Cowgirl," was played on the radio.

Cindy showed support for National "Go Topless Day" by attending the New York City parade and was interviewed by as to why she kept her top on. Mike Du Russel of "Spot On Long Island," Long Island's celebrity and food magazine, interviewed her in 2011. Prior to the Giants winning the 2012 Super Bowl, Cindy appeared on WFAN for CBS Pro Football Pick Ems with Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts (week 9) and picked all 5 teams correctly.

Cindy has supported "Real Women Real Beauty," which raises money for women and children's shelters at events such as Suburban Mommas Night Out and Eric Alt's Carnivale Fashion Show at Room 84 in Hoboken. She's also appeared at various charity events such as the Newark Bears reach out program, "Broadway Sings for Pride" anti-bullying fundraiser, the Secaucus First Mayor's Ball to raise money for Tomorrow's Children Institute, and many more.

TV appearances in 2011 include an episode of a weekly feature on the "Sat 1 Morning Show" in Germany with world renowned tattoo artist Daniel Krause "Tattoo Around The World," as well as another German TV show that was doing a piece on the Naked Cowboy Franchise. She was interviewed in Times Square during the summer 2011 giving tribute to the band "Earth, Wind and Fire," which was shown during the 2012 BET Awards. People from all over the world come up to her in Times Square to tell her they saw her on TV.

Naked Cowgirl Cindy Fox started 2012 by filming for The Travel Channel as a "maid of honor" in a wedding ceremony performed by "Reverend Naked Cowboy" in Times Square. She most recently appeared in an episode of "Only in America" with Larry The Cable Guy on the History Channel. She was once again the "maid of honor" but this time the "best man" was Larry in his underwear dressed as a Naked Cowboy franchisee.

Cindy became a vegan in 2009 after learning of the cruelty that takes place in the food industry and has long been a supporter of animal rights organizations such as PETA, Mercy for Animals and any other food group that is fighting to stop animal cruelty. Cindy Fox was born in Jersey City, raised in Secaucus and graduated from Secaucus High School. She attended Montclair University as a Physical Education major before transferring to Bergen Community College to become a radiographic technologist. She is divorced and has three children.